Combine your many interests into a custom educational experience with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Adams State University. With this degree, you’ll graduate with a strong foundation in general education and two areas of specialized study that you choose.

欧洲杯怎么买球The Interdisciplinary Studies degree is an opportunity for you to design a major that meets your particular academic and professional interests. In consultation with an advisor, you’ll propose a program that encompasses two more disciplines, with an education path that prepares you for the kind of career you envision.

欧洲杯怎么买球As you chart an individual academic path, you’ll be supported by attentive faculty. Our low student-to-faculty ratio means that your studies will be accompanied by personal interactions as you learn and grow.

Admission to the Interdisciplinary Studies Major

Admission Procedure

A student seeking admission to the Interdisciplinary Studies Major without licensure must contact the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Admission for Transfer Students

欧洲杯怎么买球Students transferring to Adams State University should make application during their first semester. Delay in applying for the major may delay completion of the degree.

Major Requirements

Official Degree Plans & Course Descriptions

NOTE: A student seeking elementary licensure with an Interdisciplinary Studies major, who for any reason does not complete all the requirements for licensure, must make application to the Vice President of Academic Affairs for admission to the Interdisciplinary Studies major without licensure.

欧洲杯怎么买球Because this change represents a substantial change in the student’s degree objectives, it may require significant additional course work. For this reason, an early decision is desirable.