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Payment Plans

欧洲杯怎么买球Adams State University offers payment plans to assist with your educational expenses.

欧洲杯怎么买球New payment plans must be set up each semester. If you are a Resident Assistant, are using VA benefits, or have a third party entity making payment please contact Student Business Services.

Payment Plan Setup

  • Select
  • Select “Payment plan”
  • Select “Enroll now”
  • Choose the plan that works for you
  • Enter information

Need help?

Email studentbusiness@xxadultdating.com欧洲杯怎么买球 or call 719-587-7728.

Financial Aid and the Automatic Payment Plan

If you have any outstanding financial aid requirements, the automatic payment plan will not take financial aid into consideration when calculating your payment amounts. However, if you have completed all of your financial aid requirements, the automatic payment plan will take anticipated financial aid into consideration and only your unpaid balance will be calculated into the payment plan. It is important to review your email, financial aid status and student account for notifications at Student Onestop.

Contact Financial Aid via email at financialaid@xxadultdating.com欧洲杯怎么买球 or call 719-587-7306 if you have questions regarding your financial aid.

Parents and Authorized Users

Students must first log in and give access for parents and authorized user at .

Parents and Authorized Users select the Parent / Authorized user login to make payments on student account, pay housing deposits (eDeposits), or print invoices.

If you have problems with log in, please close browser, all windows, reopen browser, delete browsing history (cookies) and attempt to log back in.

If you are still having problems with log in, please contact Student Business Services at 719-587-7728, 719-587-7941, or email